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Poa annua plan of attack

September 17, 2018By
Poa annua (Photo: Bayer)

Cooler fall temperatures represent a battle cry to lawn care operators (LCOs) in the Southeast and the Transition Zone—it’s time to combat Poa annua. Also known as annual bluegrass, Poa annua is a winter annual weed that features wide leaves and grows in small clumps. Though there are perennial types of Poa annua, in warm-season grasses in the Transition Zone... read more

Push for pollinators

September 13, 2018By
Pollinator habitat

Mike LaPorte says it’s an exciting time for pollinator-friendly plants. The co-owner of Owl Run Nursery in Catlett, Va., located about 35 miles outside of Washington, D.C., says customers come to him specifically for Owl Run’s selection of native plants that attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds. Plant propagators are also getting in on the action, he adds,... read more

Labor Tip: Crew reviews

September 10, 2018By
Five Stars (Photo:

Customer reviews can make or break a company—but so can employee reviews, according to Maria Mayorga, director of sales at Coalmarch Productions, a digital marketing agency for service-based businesses. “The reviews give social proof to people applying to a company that it’s a great place to work,” says Mayorga, who has been working with firms in the lawn and pest... read more

Sometimes it is about the money

September 10, 2018By
Money; Photo:

My (fictitious) operations manager, Tom, just informed me he is leaving the company. I’m shocked. Tom is a good guy, and we have been investing in his development and going out of our way to make him feel appreciated. He recently received a 12 percent raise, and, earlier this spring, we bought him a new truck. His announcement was completely... read more

Self-worth, optimism and high margins

September 10, 2018By

Have you ever noticed how some salespeople are quick to give a discount? I experienced this personally when shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for my wife. She hinted that she wanted a Le Creuset cast-iron cooking pot. I knew I’d better not buy it without her, so we went together to pick it out. When the owner told us... read more

Party on: The scoop behind plant potting parties

September 10, 2018By
Potting partygoers learn about creating attractive containers. (Photo: James Martin Associates)

James Martin Associates (JMA), a landscape firm headquartered in Vernon Hills, Ill., has found a unique way to apply its in-house expertise to give back to the community through“potting parties.” The company donates these parties to nonprofits who can then auction them off to raise funds for their causes. Over the last 15 years, the company has donated more than... read more