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Eliminating ground ivy

November 15, 2019By
Ground ivy (Photo: Nufarm)

A creeping broadleaf weed identified by its scalloped leaves, square stems and, in some cases, blue-violet flowers, ground ivy is sometimes misidentified as mallow, henbit or purple deadnettle, according to Mike Sisti, golf and lawn care market manager at FMC Corp. It tends to germinate in the spring in cooler areas with high moisture such as the Midwest and Northeast.... read more

Humates and biochars: Better soil, less toil

November 15, 2019By
The higher cost of humates and biochars is often offset by increased soil efficiency. (Photo: LebanonTurf)

Humates and biochars have been around for quite some time, but within the past five to 10 years, lawn care operators (LCOs) have begun to recognize the value they provide in improving soil health and feeding the plant. “There’s a renewed interest because of the regulatory pressure that’s coming down in the industry,” says Jeremy Bigler, landscape channel manager for... read more

Keep spray equipment in top shape

November 15, 2019By
Spray hose (Photo:

When it comes to maintenance of hoses, nozzles, sprayers and reels, there’s no secret formula to keeping your equipment in top form. It boils down simply to time — as in taking the time to follow through on the little things. “Like with any mechanical equipment, maintenance is key,” says Kurt Upham, president of OhDeer in Wayland, Mass. “Don’t neglect... read more

How to prep for tax season

November 15, 2019By
Tax files (Photo:

Filing taxes. No one really likes it, but, year after year, it’s an unavoidable task. For landscape business owners, being prepared with the right information and a savvy adviser can lessen the stress of tax season. Dan Gordon, CPA and owner of Turf Books, a green industry accounting and bookkeeping firm based in Newton, N.J., says it’s a good idea... read more

6 components of change management

November 15, 2019By

As landscape industry consultants, my team and I are typically engaged for a few reasons. Either clients are having trouble breaking through some growth barrier, not making enough money or just not having any fun. Sometimes all three. At Envisor, we’re always looking for the root cause to these challenges. As we identify the root cause of the problems, we... read more

A Look Back: Irrigation meets tech

November 15, 2019By

“Also of concern to the industry, then, is conservation of water and energy, each of which have been in short supply at some time during the last 15 years.” Even though that quote comes from an article in the May 1986 issue of Weeds, Trees and Turf (the former name of LM), it’s a sentiment that’s still echoed by the... read more