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Jeff Korhan is the author of Built-In Social, founder of Landscape Digital Institute, and a Duct Tape Marketing Certified consultant. Jeff works with service companies that want to drive growth and enhance their brand experience with digital platforms. Learn more at

Posts by Jeff Korhan

Communication Coach: Don’t overlook the value of relationship selling Posted on 31 Jan 2023 in the Blog categories.

Jeff Korhan shares how one interaction with a former client changed his perspective on selling services and what you can learn from his mistake. Read more»

What Southwest’s recent issues teaches us about building a good communication plan Posted on 16 Jan 2023 in the Blog & Business & Featured categories.

Jeff Korhan shares what green industry operations can learn from the communication failures of Southwest Airlines and how to build proper response plans. Read more»

Marketing Mojo: Enhance your company’s value with these strategic moves Posted on 27 Dec 2022 in the From the Magazine categories.

Jeff Korhan says instead of planning for the market conditions your company expects for 2023, you can proactively influence them to favor your strengths. Read more»

Communication Coach: How to find your competitive differentiator Posted on 29 Nov 2022 in the Blog categories.

Jeff Korhan shares some questions to ask your clients to help you understand what sets your business apart from your competitors. Read more»

Communication Coach: Does your website design represent your company’s brand? Posted on 26 Oct 2022 in the Blog categories.

Jeff Korhan shares how landscape businesses need to approach websites from a marketing perspective in order to provide clients with an authentic experience. Read more»

Communication Coach: Building a proactive customer communication process Posted on 28 Sep 2022 in the Blog categories.

Jeff Korhan explains how building a proactive communication process creates a competitive advantage and helps overcome customer service challenges. Read more»