Marketing Mojo: How unlocking the power of process will drive sales success

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(Photo: Henfaes/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

(Photo: Henfaes/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

One of the hidden secrets of selling is how you show up, interact and move prospective buyers forward to become not just customers but fans of your brand. The more effective that process is, the more likely it will produce results, providing the salesperson focuses on the primary driver of that process.

Focusing on outcome diminishes success

In his memoir, A Life in Parts, Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston describes how he lost one role after another because he focused on what seemed the logical part of the process, getting the part. The paradox is that focusing on outcomes diminishes the chance of achieving them. Salespeople and athletes can make this mistake, too. It’s counting your money and adding up your score before you’ve done the work.

As Cranston later realized, “You have to set aside what you will get to instead focus on what you will give.” He sought to make his performance compelling, one that only he could deliver from the lessons of his life experiences. As sellers, we must do the same by giving our prospective customers all of ourselves to earn their trust. That won’t happen if we play it safe and hope we get the sale.

Unlike an auditioning actor, you have a big advantage: the customers. They honor you with the opportunity to serve. Take that to heart by showing up prepared to plant the seeds of a new relationship. The best-sellers are skilled listeners and storytellers. Don’t worry if that doesn’t describe you because you can learn these skills. As my early mentor said, “Go out there and have a good time and you’ll do fine.” He knew what I didn’t — that enjoying the process tends to give better results.

The key is being honest and truthful to invite buyers into a narrative that validates your intentions and capabilities. When you feel like you are giving so much that there is nothing else you can give, relax and allow them space. If they don’t choose you today, there’s always tomorrow to give a little more.

Selling is a performance with purpose

Every organization exists to make people’s lives better. That “why” is the driving force behind your organization, its mission and culture, but it’s not enough to close sales. The magic is how you take it further with a narrative of stories that open buyers’ minds, showing how you give them what they want.

We’ll talk about that at my presentation in the Equip Exposition, “17-Trust Based Secrets of Closing the Sale.” You’ll discover how to build a trust-based sales process that becomes your secret for adding value to the customer experience. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to make that process a collaboration that buyers love so much, they’ll tell their friends. It’s more than how, it’s a wow!

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