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5 Questions: Rob Kurtz

February 17, 2021By
Photo: Rob Kurtz

LM Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones chats with Rob Kurtz, owner of Solid Rock Landscaping, about his family, what he's read recently and more. read more

Answers to LCOs’ most pressing questions

February 17, 2021By
Crew member pouring fertilizer into spreader (Photo: Tony Ventouris)

Experts from around the industry weigh in on some of the most pressing questions lawn care operators have relayed on social media. read more

Seth’s Cut: A year ago, we were …

February 16, 2021By
Coronavirus disturbing 2020 pendulum (Photo: wenmei Zhou / iStock / DigitalVision Vectors)

Seth Jones explains that while there’s still plenty of uncertainty and a difficult road ahead, the industry knows what its doing in 2021, compared 2020. read more

Ohio LCO elected to state legislature

February 16, 2021By
Rodney Creech

Rodney Creech, owner of Lawn Plus in West Alexandria, Ohio, was elected as State Representative, serving the 43rd District in southwestern Ohio. read more

Leadership Advantage: Measuring what matters

February 16, 2021By
KPI gears (Photo: NicoElNino / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus)

Ken Thomas explains the difference between leading and lagging key performance indicators and shows how companies can use them to manage performance. read more

Greener grass ahead with controlled-release fertilizers

February 16, 2021By
LawnRx truck (Photo: LawnRx)

Experts explain how lawn care operators can be sure they select the right controlled-release fertilizer for their business. read more