Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott

Video: Why you should partner with your clients

April 10, 2015By

Your clients have insights and ideas that will power the growth of your business, but only if you stop thinking about them as “contracts, checklists, to-dos and services to be fulfilled,” Jeffrey Scott says in this short video. Partner with your clients and your business will soar. read more

Video: Good leaders ask better questions

March 16, 2015By

The questions that you ask on a consistent basis will drive your culture–upward or downward. Are you a reactionary leader asking deflating questions? Or are you a proactive leader asking strategic questions? Watch this video for the types of questions Jeffrey Scott says you need to be asking your people. read more

Video: The value of a 3-week vacation

February 23, 2015By

Does your business thrive (or even survive) while you are on vacation? Watch this video to learn the value of taking a three-week vacation from a business (and personal) perspective. read more

Video: 3 circles of a family business

February 6, 2015By

Running and growing your family business requires you to master the three circles: ownership, family and management. Watch this video to learn how to separate the boundaries and create a win-win-win environment. read more

Video: Right people, right positions

January 2, 2015By

Your success is based on putting the right people in the right positions, supported by the right processes, says Jeffrey Scott. Watch to learn the six steps to having a successful year for your company. read more

Video: The Post-it note strategy

December 8, 2014By

Your company’s annual goals should be so succinct they fit on a Post-it note, says Jeffrey Scott. Watch the video to learn the difference between goals and strategies and to find out how to assure your company achieves its strategy this coming year. read more