How to recognize and manage scale insects

July 14, 2017By
Photos: SD Frank

First, distinguish between armored and soft scale. Some insect pests are easy to find. Tent caterpillars and webworms build big silk nests you can see a mile away. Japanese beetles are big, shiny and cling to trees by the thousands. Other pests, though, are hard to see. Scale insects are common landscape pests, but many people don’t see them until... read more

SafetyWatch: Walk-behind aerator operation

July 12, 2017By
Source: Greenius

Operating a walk-behind aerator, even though it’s self-propelled, requires effort, especially when turning the machine. You must raise the tines from the ground, turn the machine, then lower the lever to allow the tines to begin penetrating again. Slight, gradual turns don’t require the tines to be lifted, but if you make a sharp turn with the tines in the... read more

How to get results from your marketing agency

July 12, 2017By
photo: ©istock.com/Sezeryadigar

Growing up in this industry, I’ve had the unique perspective to really get to know and understand the plight of a green industry business owner from my family member’s landscaping company. One issue he faced was working with a variety of marketing firms that promised to deliver leads and sales, often to varying degrees of success. I now sit on... read more

Backstory: Glenn Bonick

July 11, 2017By
Photos: Glenn Bonick

Glenn Bonick President Bonick Landscaping Irving, Texas Education W.T. White High School Dallas, Texas Class of 1981 Work Experience 1978-1981 Self-employed Painting/landscape maintenance “I was very much of the school of hard knocks. Everything I learned was on my own dime.” 1982-Present Bonick Landscaping President Irving, Texas 1999-2004 Texas Association of Landscape Contractors (now part of Texas Nursery & Landscape... read more

Case Study: Benefits of offering porter services

July 11, 2017By
Photo: Greenscape

Offering porter services has allowed one company to play point for its commercial maintenance accounts. A desire to “dominate the site” led Greenscape, based in Holly Springs, N.C., to begin offering outdoor porter services more than eight years ago. Greenscape’s porter services include a variety of “extras” commercial landscape clients may need, whether it’s emptying dog waste stations for homeowner... read more

The power of the five firsts

July 11, 2017By
Photo: ©istock.com/kchungtw

First impressions are lasting; hourly employees are not. Before they’ve been on the job six months, more than half of them are gone. Some were probably not a good fit for the job in the first place, but some productive, dependable, hard-to-replace employees bolt, too. And contrary to what they may tell you, they didn’t really leave for more money.... read more