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August 2013 Web Extra: Figuring the tax credit

August 2, 2013By

Answer the following questions: Do you have 25 or fewer full-time employees? Are their average annual wages less than $50,000? And do you contribute more than 50 percent of your employee’s total premium costs? If your answers are “yeses,” you may well receive some assistance with your health insurance premiums under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). You may be... read more

August 2013 Web Extra: Get some ACA help

August 2, 2013By

Knowledge pays. That goes double for a vast piece of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Want to learn more? The Internet offers a number of useful sources. “It would be helpful for employers to go to,” says Larry S. Boress, President and CEO of the Midwest Business Group on Health, a Chicago-based consortium of more than... read more

August 2013 Web Extra: Snow contract review tips

August 2, 2013By

It’s important to recognize there are many different types of contracts to be considered in the snow business—sales contracts, subcontract agreements, employment agreements, buy-sell agreements and more. This scrutiny comes on top of analyzing and balancing out the entire snow contract portfolio. All of these contracts may be filled with risk and should be written by or reviewed by a... read more

August 2013 Web Extra: How to achieve change

August 2, 2013By

The journey for meaningful change that will bring forth resonant leadership, referred to in “Are you a resonant leader?” in the August 2013 issue of Landscape Management, is laid out in emotional intelligence expert Richard Boyatizis’ Intentional Change Theory. Here are the steps required: Identify your ideal self: Who do you want to be? Identify your real self: Who are... read more

Snow + Ice Guide: Summer school

August 1, 2013By

Snow and ice management professionals studied up in June and July at several industry educational events. When it heats up outside, savvy snow management professionals don’t neglect their winter work—they hit the books for next season. This summer provided several educational opportunities, including the Snow & Ice Management Association’s (SIMA’s) Annual Snow & Ice Symposium, held June 20-22 in Minneapolis,... read more

Snow Strategy: Smart portfolio management

August 1, 2013By

Snow and ice management professionals face one of the most difficult variables of all— unpredictability. How many other businesses have no idea when they’ll be required to perform services, how long they’ll be performing services or what demands will exist for labor, equipment and materials? The unknown makes it very difficult to plan, manage and be profitable. Trying to predict... read more