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Money Talks: A Plus Lawn and Landscape unveils unique marketing ploy

November 7, 2013By

In April, residents of select central Kentucky neighborhoods were surprised to find in their driveways Velcro wallets with what appeared to be large sums of money inside. Each wallet was in fact a promotion from A Plus Lawn and Landscape in Lawrenceburg, Ky., including a business card for owner John Rennels, which appeared to be a Kentucky driver’s license. It... read more

35-mph grass: Ecolawns

November 7, 2013By

Envision a lawn that needs to be mowed only a couple times a year. Your customers are likely ecstatic about the reduction of landscaping costs and so much so you make up the slump in revenue from new work, per their referrals. Sound too good to be true? It is. But this was the overrated notion for ecological lawns, aka... read more

History in the making

November 7, 2013By

The decision nearly 20 years ago to provide landscape maintenance at cost for a high-profile but financially struggling property with historical significance has turned into a unique opportunity for Jim Lawrence, owner of Providence Landscape in Charlotte, N.C. Today the $8 million landscape maintenance and design/build company is a partner in the effort to redesign the gardens at The Duke... read more

Harvesting savings: How a Calif. company reduces clients’ water use

November 6, 2013By

Steven Schinhofen speaks with the business acumen of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. His company, Harvest Landscape Enterprises, is actually located about 400 miles down the coast in Anaheim, Calif., and the business is a far cry from the high-tech world of microprocessors. Still, the 34-year-old business-school graduate says his maintenance and design firm is beating traditional “mow-and-blow” competitors by applying... read more

Controller or CFO: What’s the difference?

November 6, 2013By

I’ve been asked several times by people inside and outside the Green Industry about the differences between a controller and CFO. After having many of these conversations, I’ve come to realize most people think they’re the same thing—except maybe a CFO is a supercharged version of the controller. They think the next step along the career path of any controller... read more

My military experience: How Green Industry business owners have turned their military service into success

November 6, 2013By and

Daryle Johnson CEO of All American Turf Beauty in Van Meter, Iowa Service: U.S. Army, 1954-1956 “I was 18. I’d worked one summer, gone two quarters to college, ran out of money and volunteered for the service. I spent 16 months in Korea. I got out when I was 20. They wouldn’t let me buy a beer when I got... read more