LandOpt expands into Mississippi

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The LandOpt Contractor Network has expanded into Mississippi with the addition of SGK Landscapes Inc.

The company, which is based in Starkville, is a full-service design, construction and maintenance provider for residential and commercial customers.

Owner Michael Everett established SGK in 2002 and has transformed it into one of the leading landscape service providers in the Golden Triangle (Starkville, West Point, Columbus, Tupelo and Armory) areas of the state.

“This is about giving my team a future,” Everett said.  “I want to continue hiring the cream of the crop and allow everyone to see that they have an opportunity to grow and develop with this company.”

The significant growth that the company has experienced – particularly over the past three years – was the genesis of SGK’s interest in LandOpt.  According to Everett, the decision to join the contractor network was about “maximizing what we currently have in place operationally and creating a structure within our existing business that would allow us to continue to grow.”

LandOpt provides landscape contractors with systems and processes for sales and marketing, operations, human resources and business systems. It also offers Network members role-specific training and on-site coaching for profitable growth, improved productivity and to help define career paths.

SGK strengthens the LandOpt Network’s presence in the Southeast as it joins contractors located in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

“Our Network is well represented in the South,” LandOpt President and CEO Tim Smith said. “SGK and our other companies in that region bring an elevated level of professionalism that both commercial and residential customers are learning to both anticipate and expect from a landscape contractor. Within our industry, this is a much-needed paradigm shift.”

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