Logo: TakeuchiRemoving a swimming pool demands a machine that’s tough, powerful and reliable — and it has to be all of that while also not destroying the surrounding yard and hardscapes.

Those are all capabilities Tom Carroll, owner of Carroll Bros. Contracting in Stevensville, Md., looks for when purchasing equipment. His company specializes in swimming pool removal, and it also offers demolition and excavation services.

Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll in front of the company’s Takeuchi TB2150 excavator.

All of their construction equipment is Takeuchi, and their fleet includes track loaders, a wheel loader and three excavators — TB250, TB285 and TB2150.

“They’ve been good machines to us,” Carroll says. “We’re pretty particular about our equipment, and we don’t have any downtime with these machines.”

His company started by purchasing smaller machines and has gradually moved up to adding larger ones, like the TB2150, which is the largest excavator in the U.S. Takeuchi line. Carroll says they chose the TB2150 because of its rubber tracks, which allow them to travel over sidewalks and driveways. “I’d say it’s in a class of its own,” he adds.

The excavator’s comfort is another standout feature, one that is especially important for Carroll and his team, considering one of his operators is 6 feet, 8 inches tall. “He likes the equipment because of the cab room and size,” Carroll says. “I want him to be comfortable in it and not get fatigued.”

Watch for a brief overview of some of the TB2150’s heavy duty dozer blade features. Video provided by Takeuchi.

The excavator’s overall size also helps reduce the time spent on pool removals.

“It took about a day and a half for the smaller machines to demolish the pools,” he says. “The larger machine can do it in three hours now, if there’s access.”

LEFT PHOTO: Carroll Bros. Contracting removes a swimming pool from a client’s backyard with the Takeuchi TB285 Compact Excavator in the winter.
RIGHT PHOTO: Same backyard later that spring, after demolishing and filling the swimming pool.
Photos provided by Carroll Bros. Exterminating.

And access is the No. 1 key to deciding how they will handle a project.

“That affects my ability to do the job and dictates the price and how long I’m going to be there,” he says. “Most concrete swimming pools are similar in design, but the access is different on every pool. So, we have to use a smaller machine or have good access to use a larger machine.”

Carroll Bros. has owned the TB2150 excavator for a year, and the team has put it to the test on several sites. While the average swimming pool thickness is 12 inches, Carroll says, they sometimes run into ones where there’s more concrete and rebar.

That was the case with one pool removal project in Westminster, Md.

“There was just so much concrete, and we still don’t understand why there was so much concrete poured into the swimming pool,” Carroll recalls. “But, it didn’t affect us because of the machine.”

TB2150 (Photo: Takeuchi)

Takeuchi TB2150 (Photo: Takeuchi)

He said the excavator is able to break up concrete in a timely manner, which not only helped them on that jobsite but is an asset to them in their market. “That’s what sets us apart from the other contractors,” he says.

While their entire fleet of Takeuchi equipment continues to be reliable, Carroll’s TB2150 has stood out for its capabilities and usability.

“Since it’s so big, you can use it on those larger jobs, but you can also drive it through someone’s front yard without destroying it,” Carroll says. “That makes it versatile and well worth it. It’s really the best decision we’ve made with purchasing equipment.”

Learn more about Takeuchi at www.takeuchi-us.com/request-information.

Watch for a brief overview of the features and benefits for the Takeuchi TB290’s versatile hydraulic system.
Video provided by Takeuchi.

Hydraulics: The heart & soul of your machine

Takeuchi Hydraulics white paper (Cover image: Takeuchi)

White paper cover image: Takeuchi

From excavators to compact track loaders, the Takeuchi equipment featured here depends on high-performance hydraulics. The hydraulic system is the hardest-working part of the machine, delivering lifting capacity and breakout force as well as powering attachments.

To get the most out of your hydraulic system, it pays to be proactive. Download the white paper for cleaning and preventive maintenance recommendations to keep your hydraulic equipment performing its best.

Takeuchi hydraulic attachments quote


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