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All lawn care operators (LCOs) want to see their businesses grow. However, figuring out the formula to make that happen isn’t always so simple. The owner needs to reach the point where they’re working on their business, instead of in it, to experience growth.

Add-ons are can often be the best way to do that because they’re efficient, more profitable and a true source of growth.

To test this idea, we spoke with Dr. Tina Bond, technical services manager, FMC, and are talking with multiple lawn care operators (LCOs) to see how the add-ons they use impact their business.

Yellow nutsedge and green kyllinga: How to win over the skeptics

Yellow nutsedge can be stubborn if you don’t have a good control product. Bond explains how Dismiss NXT will not only treat the plant’s leaves, but also target the tubers in the soil. Watch the video below for her insight on the product and hear how LCOs like Jon Kurkowski, owner of Performance Turf, can show homeowners proof that its working within 24 hours.

Get to know your add-on options

An effective add-on product can bring your business to a whole new level. Bond discusses Dismiss NXT, Scion and QuickSilver and how they work. Watch the video below to learn how the products could benefit your business.

Logo: FMCFMC partners with LCOs to help LCOs achieve success with add-on services and more. FMC’s True Champions program highlights the company’s commitment to support and invest in the industry and provides business-building resources and product rewards. The rewards program includes an early order program and the company’s new Dynamic Rewards, which is geared toward smaller to midsize companies.

The Dynamic Rewards welcome kit includes a letter from the local rep, a brochure about the program and a weed ID poster, which features common weeds, their indicators and how to treat them.

Enrollment also includes a one-year paid membership for the National Association of Landscape Professionals. That membership will continue for future years if the member maintains the designated tier.

For more information or to enroll at no cost, visit www.fmctruechampions.com/lawn-care.

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