Greenworks strives to give a new definition to productivity and innovation in the green industry

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Since its official inception as Greenworks in 2004, the company and its employees seek to innovate the green industry. What began as a passion project for Greenworks Founder Yin Chen has turned into an industry-leading company in sustainable battery-powered equipment.

Tony Marchese, senior vice president of Greenworks Commercial, spent most of his career in the outdoor power equipment sector, with his eye on Greenworks for many years. One of the biggest factors that stood out to him before joining the company was the company’s work with lithium batteries and how the founder revolutionized the outdoor power equipment industry.

“Lithium is a smart choice and you can do a lot of things with it. It really started the growth and revolution of the industry,” Marchese says. “We’re 20 years young, some competitors are over 300 years. But all we do is rechargeable products. We eat, breathe and sleep rechargeable products here at Greenworks, and that’s why we are the leaders in the industry. That’s why we continue to innovate.”

What started initially with a line of lawn and hedge trimmers evolved into a company with three different divisions, all with thousands of products available, according to Klaus Hahn, president of Greenworks North America.

“The sheer breadth of products having different battery platforms, ranging from 24V, 40V, 60V, and 80V in the consumer space and then 48V and 82V in the commercial space makes the difference for us,” Hahn explains. “Having a very broad range of offerings to the different user segments, depending on home sizes, yard sizes and also the lifestyle of our customers is imperative.”

As Greenworks develops its products, the goal is always the same: to meet or exceed the performance the customers were getting from gasoline-powered products. By combining industry leading knowledge with new innovations, Greenworks has managed to not only stay on top of the industry but continue to lead and outperform each business group.



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