Logo: LM StaffSmart lawn care operators (LCOs) want to grow their businesses, but they know they can’t add on just any service and make it a profitable part of their company. That’s why offerings analogous to lawn care, like perimeter pest control, are a popular option. “Part of it is about the efficiency and convenience factor,” says Evan Parenti, market manager at FMC Corp. “It can also be used to set yourself apart from other service offerings.”

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Parenti explains that residential customers have spent more time than ever in their homes and yards over the past year and half. At the same time, they have become hesitant about letting technicians inside to do a traditional pest control treatment. LCOs can take advantage of these cultural changes by offering perimeter pest services that take place entirely outside the home.

“Homeowners are keyed in now on top-of-mind pests, especially in areas with heavy tick pressure,” Parenti says. “We’re seeing these pests showing as increasing issues in the population, so there’s more interest in perimeter pest control.”

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Savvy operators often couple perimeter pest services with mosquito control services to complete the package.

Parenti sees lawn care companies leveraging versatile products like FMC’s Talstar Professional Insecticide in their perimeter pest and mosquito control efforts. Scion Insecticide is another option for perimeter pest control.

Talstar, which has the active ingredient bifenthrin, hits a sweet spot for multiple reasons, Parenti says. The product is an easy-to-pour, nonclogging concentrate that doesn’t require a lot of measuring. This product also has a broad label, good efficacy and a favorable toxicological profile.

“Talstar is so broad and flexible that there’s very few places it doesn’t go or do what it needs to do,” Parenti says.

Often, LCOs contact FMC looking for an insecticide product that will last between their visits, says FMC Service Manager Brian Mount. He points them to Talstar, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

“Typically, the service interval is 30 to 60 days,” he says. “Talstar has been able to show that over time it does last through the service interval and it is performing. Talstar has improved year after year and has met customer expectations.”

To add perimeter pest or mosquito offerings, the first thing to do is assess your existing customers and services, looking at ways you can be efficient and set yourself apart, Parenti says.

FMC offers several assurances, which LCOs can pass along as guarantees to their customers. Offering the peace of mind that comes with free retreatments can be a great differentiator for lawn care companies.

With the Mosquito Promise assurance program, FMC guarantees 45 days of no callbacks after a Talstar mosquito treatment within the program period (now through Nov. 30). If callbacks occur, FMC will provide the amount of Talstar needed to make a reapplication to the treated area for free.

Likewise, for perimeter pest control FMC offers the Scion Perimeter Performance Assurance, which guarantees 90 days of no retreatments after an exterior perimeter barrier application is made, now through Sept. 30.

In the end, the success of your add-on offerings comes down to proving your worth as a service provider. “Remind the customer of the continued success of the service,” Parenti says. “If you’ve done your job right, your customers won’t notice anything in the perimeter.”

Download Mosquito Promise Program Details
Download Scion Perimeter Performance Program Details

Get to know your add-on options

An effective add-on product can bring your business to a whole new level. Dr. Tina Bond, technical services manager, FMC, discusses products from FMC’s portfolio and how they work. Watch the video below to learn how the products could benefit your business.


Logo: FMCFMC partners with LCOs to help LCOs achieve success with add-on services and more. FMC’s True Champions program highlights the company’s commitment to support and invest in the industry and provides business-building resources and product rewards. The rewards program includes an early order program and the company’s new Dynamic Rewards, which is geared toward smaller to midsize companies.

The Dynamic Rewards welcome kit includes a letter from the local rep, a brochure about the program and a weed ID poster, which features common weeds, their indicators and how to treat them.

Enrollment also includes a one-year paid membership for the National Association of Landscape Professionals and a discount in year two and three.

For more information or to enroll at no cost, visit www.fmctruechampions.com/lawn-care.

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