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Beyond manure

November 5, 2014By

The future is bright for natural and organic lawn care options. Mark Tamn, president of Freedom Lawns, didn’t start out in the natural lawn care business. For decades, he worked for national lawn care firms and even owned a large traditional lawn care firm himself. Then, in 1999, Tamn decided to take a different approach to lawn care. “I believed... read more

Fullerton College soccer field gets ‘Garden Humus’ facelift

August 5, 2014By

Fullerton, Calif.-based Professional Turf Specialties and Agromin, a provider of organic soil solutions, joined forces to upgrade the Fullerton College soccer field with new sod and soil amendments. “The soccer field is under continuous stress and use, and it has been many years since a full renovation has been performed on the field,” said Mike Wilson, owner of Professional Turf... read more

Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime granted OMRI listing

May 9, 2014By

Solu-Cal USA’s flagship product, Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime, was granted Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing, meaning it meets criteria for use in certified organic production. Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime is included in the OMRI’s crop fertilizers and soil amendments classification and calcium carbonate categories. Proven to be 75 percent more effective than traditional pelleted lime, according to the company,... read more

PRO Group becomes BuffaLoam distributor

March 24, 2014By

PRO Group will now distribute BuffaLoam brand compost-based soil amendments and plant food products. Created at Diamond Tail Ranch in Glendevey, Colo., BuffaLoam will be distributed through PRO Group’s wholesale outlets, which include: Becknell Wholesale Co., Lubbock, Texas; Cascade Wholesale Hardware, Hillsboro, Ore.; Castle Wholesalers, Cottage City, Md.; and Reiss Wholesale Hardware, Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.; BuffaLoam is Organic Materials Review Institute... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: The truth about organics

August 23, 2013By

When developing a fertilization program for your business you don’t have to choose between being 100 percent organic or 100 percent synthetic. Many landscape contractors and lawn care operators create their own recipe by blending the two product types, providing their clients with a quality lawn that’s also environmentally responsible, said Nicole Wise, head of marketing for Holganix. Prior to... read more

Holganix raises $1 million in stock sale

March 5, 2013By

GLEN MILLS, PA.—According to an article in the Philadelphia Business Journal, “Holganix raised $1 million in a private stock sale last week.” The organic lawn care product manufacturer seeks to raise another $1 million, the Journal reports. “Holganix has received two investments totaling $450,000 from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania,” the article states. To read the article in its entirety,... read more