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Harwood is a Managing Partner with Pro-Motion Consulting. Reach him at He is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, NALP Trailblazer, NALP Consultant, and Certified Snow Professional. Harwood holds a BA in Marketing and Executive MBA with Honors from Michigan State University, where he was recently nominated Alumnus of the Decade.

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High Performance: Joining the strengths-based leadership movement Posted on 16 Sep 2020 in the Blog categories.

A new approach to leadership is gaining momentum and it’s time for all leaders to join the movement. In fact, it is essential for today’s leaders to get on board.... Read more»

Get buy-in to gain commitment Posted on 08 Sep 2020 in the 0920 & Business categories.

Landscape Management columnist Phil Harwood explains how landscape companies can get buy-in from employees to gain commitment. Read more»

High Performance: Toss the annual review Posted on 19 Aug 2020 in the Blog categories.

Phil Harwood explains why annual performance reviews should be a thing of the past — and offers an alternative approach for evaluating employees. Read more»

Selling win-win snow contracts Posted on 17 Aug 2020 in the 0820 & Snow & Ice Guide & Snow+Ice Management categories.

LM columnist Phil Harwood explains how snow and ice management companies can create contracts that are a win for the company and the customer. Read more»

High Performance: Become a great coach Posted on 15 Jul 2020 in the Blog categories.

Previous generations had bosses that would appear periodically, bark orders and then leave. That was normal. Most of the bosses I worked for throughout my career were not very involved... Read more»

Why conflict is critical Posted on 18 Jun 2020 in the 0620 & Business categories.

Landscape Management columnist Phil Harwood discusses why some conflict is essential when running and landscaping business. Read more»