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Step by Step: How to quickly install annuals

March 25, 2016By
Cartwright Landscaping; University of Illinois Extension

Spring is approaching, which means it’s time to spruce up clients’ properties with colorful annuals. But instead of having your crews spend hours hunched over miles of empty beds, use this method from Cartwright Landscaping, a full-service design, installation and maintenance company in Richmond, Va., to install annuals quickly and efficiently using only the plastic cells they’re purchased in. Begin... read more

What walk-behind mowers do you recommend and why?

March 23, 2016By
Photo: National Association of Landscape Professionals

Justin Sanders Owner, Prestige Yardscapes & Snow Management Aurora, Ohio “Exmark. I’ve owed all walk-behinds from them, but I’m about to get my first Exmark zero-turn. I’ve dealt with a lot of walk-behind mowers in my career, but Exmark is a die-hard brand. They start up on first pull no matter if they’ve been sitting for two months or over... read more

Employer of choice

March 18, 2016By

To recruit and retain workers, smart landscape companies leverage culture, compensation and technology. Every morning, Chris Joyce greets every one of his employees. He stands in the parking lot, shakes their hands and says “hello” to each member of the team, which amounts to about 140 people in the summertime. “I’ve been doing it since when I started and only... read more

Spring startup checklist

March 16, 2016By

____1. Schedule and price the job Many companies price spring startups by the zone or by the hour. Tom Horn, president of All-n-One Outdoor Solutions in Jefferson City, Mo., calls his prices “middle of the road.” The company charges $60 for a residential property with four zones plus a $3 to $4 upcharge per additional zone. A commercial property costs... read more

Breaking into the commercial maintenance market

March 14, 2016By
Photo: U.S. Lawns

Breaking into the commercial maintenance sector can be tough, but it can provide lucrative opportunities for long-term success. When it comes to landing commercial landscape contracts, it’s often more about who you know than what you know. “The commercial business is very relationship based,” says Ken Thomas, principal of Envisor Consulting, a consulting firm based in Alpharetta, Ga. “Getting into... read more

Understanding fertilizer choices

March 11, 2016By

Understand fertilizer choices to ensure you’re not wasting time, money or resources. Fertilizer: If you’ve applied one, you’ve applied them all, right? Wrong. In fact, proper fertilizer selection can be a tricky subject, and industry experts agree that many lawn care operators (LCOs) aren’t as knowledgeable as they could be about the fertilizers they use. Uninformed LCOs risk applying the... read more