Case Study: Water works

December 18, 2017By
Photo: Level Green Landscaping

Watering is an essential aspect of maintaining a landscape—but not all clients have an irrigation system or the time to keep up with watering by hand. Level Green Landscaping, based in Upper Marlboro, Md., discovered many of the commercial properties it served in the Washington, D.C., area did not have an irrigation system. And rainfall often wasn’t enough for clients... read more

Recipe for success: Work hard, play hard, study hard

December 18, 2017By

I’m in awe of my grandfather. He lived the true American dream. He dropped out of school after his parents died and eventually built up a business that allowed him to ski the Swiss Alps in winter and retire a true millionaire (back in the days when a million bucks meant something). My grandfather taught me the foundation of being... read more

Planning for the next generation

December 18, 2017By

Many landscape industry businesses are expected to undergo a major transition as the baby boomer generation ages and owners seek to sell their businesses, if they are able to do so. However, statistics show that most businesses aren’t sold but liquidated and not according to the preferred timing of the owner. In other words, an unplanned event (disability, divorce, death,... read more

How a deliberate, thoughtful approach sets Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting apart

December 18, 2017By
Photo: Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting

When Andy Hulcy’s grandfather died, the job of maintaining the family’s lakefront property was passed on to Hulcy and his father, Deck. This included teaching themselves how to operate and maintain the dual-pump system Hulcy’s grandfather had engineered to bring water up from the lake to irrigate the property, which was situated on a small cliff. Learning the ins and... read more

How to ID turf insects

December 18, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

A brown or abnormal area of turf can mean a few things, including the presence of turf insects. To figure out if that’s what’s causing a lawn’s problems—and if so, what type of insect is present—lawn care operators (LCOs) have to do a little digging. Common pests and insects include ants, beetles, predatory true bugs, white grubs, chinch bugs, caterpillars,... read more

Leadership Advantage: An enduring differentiator

December 18, 2017By
Chick-Fil-A. Photo: iStock.com/jetcityimage.

The differentiator in highly competitive industries often comes down to one thing: customer service. In a competitive marketplace, we generally see one or two providers rising to the top. Consider the fast-food industry. There are fast-food restaurants everywhere and many players in this market. Currently, the leader in this industry is Chick-fil-A. This chain generates more revenue per store in... read more