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Efficiency tip: Sleep tight

May 8, 2015 -  By
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Leaders at Case Snow Management have peace of mind knowing their shoveling crews have access to a place to rest and recharge during long, cold shifts.

A few years ago Case, a $28 million snow-only firm based in Attleboro Falls, Mass., began providing hotel rooms for laborers during weather events that net 8 inches to 10 inches of snow or last for more than eight hours.

In the past, the company had difficulty keeping its shovelers motivated during big storms. “You’d send them home to rest up and they’d never come back,” says Neal Glatt, account executive.

Then when morning came, some sidewalks wouldn’t be cleared and the work wasn’t to scope. Plus, there were safety concerns with workers driving to and from job sites in the snow after having worked long shifts at all hours of the night.

Acquiring hotel rooms at about $100 per night allows Case’s shoveling crews to work in shifts, alternating resting with working. With rollaway beds, rooms typically sleep four workers at a time. It’s a big cost, but Glatt says it’s worth the investment.

“We haven’t studied it, but I’m very confident we make up for what we spend,” he says. “When it comes down to efficiency, the more rested and warm a guy is, the better he’s going to shovel. By structuring it we’ve taken control of it and we’re able to monitor and control when guys are on and off the clock, so when they’re on, it’s efficient time.”


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