Howard Fertilizer releases Polyworx slow release line

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PolyworxHoward Fertilizer & Chemical Co. launched the Polyworx line of fertilizers, featuring the polymer coating technology GAL-XeOne. Available to golf courses and professional lawn care operators throughout the southeast U.S., Polyworx is formulated to emit a gradual and controlled release of nutrients into the soil.

Polyworx performs effectively in a variety of weather conditions and soil types, the manufacturer said. Depending on the formulation, it can deliver nutrients for up to 18 months.

“Polyworx is the newest technology in slow release polymer-coated fertilizer, and it’s truly the most significant product launch ever for us,” said Brian Buchanan, director of sales for Howard Fertilizer & Chemical Co. “This proprietary product has the potential to dramatically and positively change the way golf course superintendents and professional lawn care operators do their jobs.”

The Polyworx line includes six nitrogen urea formulations and three potash formulations. Additionally, Howard can create custom Polyworx products to meet customers’ needs. The current nine standard Polyworx formulations are:

  • Polyworx NFE (42-0-0 FE) coated urea plus iron;
  • Polyworx 42 (42-0-0) coated urea;
  • Polyworx 43-90 (43-0-0) coated urea with a 90-day release;
  • Polyworx 43-120 (43-0-0) coated urea with a 120-day release;
  • Polyworx 44.5 (44.5-0-0) coated urea;
  • Polyworx 44 (44-0-0) coated urea;
  • Polyworx SOP180 (0-0-45) coated potash;
  • Polyworx SOP90 (0-0-47) coated potash; and
  • Polyworx SPM (0-0-20) coated potash with water soluble magnesium and a lower rate for targeted turf and ornamentals treatment.

The GAL-XeOne technology allows water to seep into the fertilizer prill and then carries nutrients out through a semipermeable membrane into the soil, according to Howard. Depending on the amount of GAL-XeOne that’s applied to the sulfate of potash or nitrogen urea, nutrient release can be tailored to fit the needs of the turf or plant to promote root growth and durability, enhance plant maturity and disease resistance, and minimize leaching.

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