Hunter products receive WaterSense labeling

July 24, 2013 -  By

Hunter Industries’ all AC-powered controllers will carry the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense label when paired with Solar Sync sensor. Using onsite weather data, the Solar Sync sensor adjusts daily run times on Hunter controllers to maximize water savings.

“This certification is an example of Hunter’s commitment of providing water-efficient products to our customers that integrate seamlessly across multiple controller platforms,” said Jeff Kremicki, product strategy manager for Hunter Industries. “The Solar Sync is compatible with all Hunter AC-powered controllers offering an effective and economical way for customers to save water.”

Controllers to carry the WaterSense label include Hunter’s X-Core, Pro-C, I-Core and ACC product families. Previously installed controllers with Solar Sync compatibility can be converted to meet WaterSense requirements by adding the Solar Sync, eliminating the need to replace the entire controller.

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