John Deere unveils new crossover utility vehicles

February 1, 2016 -  By

Photo: John Deere

John Deere added the Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 crossover utility vehicles to its utility vehicle lineup.

The XUV590i is equipped with a twin-cylinder engine, independent four-wheel suspension and the capability to add more than 75 attachments.

“The XUV590i and XUV590i S4 four-passenger models were designed to get more chores checked off your to-do list, in a more comfortable setting,” said Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager, Gator utility vehicles. “Professional landscape contractors can move around the job site faster with a top speed of over 45 mph thanks to quick acceleration powered by a 586 cc, 32-hp, liquid-cooled inline twin-cylinder gasoline engine.”

The XUV590i offers 10.5 in. minimum ground clearance, 800 lb. load capacity and 1,100 lb. towing capacity. The XUV590i S4 has a 9.3-in. minimum ground clearance, a 1,200 lb. load capacity and is capable of towing up to 1,100 lb.

The Gator XUV590i and XUV590i S4 also come standard with an 875W, 65-amp alternator to run auxiliary attachments and a 7.4-gallon fuel tank.

Photo: John Deere


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