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Ryan announces second annual National Aerate your Lawn Day

August 13, 2018 -  By

Ryan, a manufacturer of turf renovation equipment, set its second annual National Aerate your Lawn Day for Sept. 15.

The day, which falls on the third Saturday in September, gives lawn care professionals an opportunity to educate customers about adding aeration services to their lawn care plans. Ryan’s goal is for landscapers to take advantage of the entire aeration season, which spans from August through October, depending on the area, according to the company.

“Fall is a time when our professional customers can really stand out and increase profits by offering aeration services,” said Troy Blewett, director of marketing at Schiller Grounds Care, parent company of Ryan. “We’ve brought back this holiday to help them make the most of this crucial season and set themselves up for success for years to come.”

Ryan will also relaunch the Aerate your Lawn website, giving landscape contractors additional resources. The tools include talking points on the benefits of aeration, product information and an aeration bid calculator, designed to help bid jobs accurately and competitively.

According to Ryan, additional aeration tips for contractors include:

  • Grow your business without acquiring new customers: The next time you’re mowing a customer’s lawn, drop an information card in their mailbox or mention that you offer aeration services.
  • Stay a step ahead of your competition: Aeration can serve as a differentiator between you and your close competitors.
  • Consider a stand-on aerator: A lot of aerating can take a toll on you and your staff. Stand-on aerators can offer you more comfort and efficiency, so you can aerate many lawns without feeling sore the next day.
  • Make the most of fall: If your customers have cool-season turf, the plants increase their root zones in the fall to prepare for the winter months, making it a great time to aerate. Aeration also improves airflow, water absorption and fertilizer effectiveness.
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