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Why financing doesn’t have to be scary

October 16, 2023By
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Follow these tips to be prepared for the financing process. read more

Ramblin Jackson to host virtual landscaper summit

October 12, 2023By

Marketing agency will host a one-day event to help business owners plan for 2024 success. read more

Midyear report for the landscape industry is better than expected

July 10, 2023By
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Jeffrey Scott takes close look at the results of a midyear check-in with his peer group members and shares what landscape business owners need to keep in mind. read more

Grow with Grunder: Are you getting the most out of your bank?

April 17, 2019By
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Far and away, one of the smartest steps I’ve taken in recent years to move my landscaping company forward has been developing a stronger relationship with my bank. When I was first starting out in business, I thought of the bank only as the place I had to go to ask for a line of credit or a loan; they... read more

Profit Power: Unlock the value of your business

August 21, 2015By

A few weeks ago I interviewed green industry acquisition expert Ron Edmonds for 60 minutes on the topic of “What is your business worth?” We had a lively debate! Here are nine insights from that conversation—and from my own investigations and experience—that will help you unlock the value of your business. 1. If you plan to retire or are even... read more

6 tips for organizing your finances

August 13, 2015By
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As a busy owner or manager of a landscape or lawn care firm, you have to juggle many functions. Unless you have someone on staff who has the skills to manage the finance and accounting piece, this function may be a source of frustration. The key is to stay organized. The following are six important things you can do to... read more