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Jeffrey Scott, MBA, author, specializes in growth and profit maximization in the Green Industry. His expertise is rooted in his personal success, growing his own company into a $10 million enterprise. Now, he facilitates the Leader’s Edge peer group for landscape business owners—members achieve a 27 percent profit increase in their first year. To learn more visit

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Self-worth, optimism and high margins Posted on 10 Sep 2018 in the 0918 & Current Issue categories.

Have you ever noticed how some salespeople are quick to give a discount? I experienced this personally when shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for my wife. She hinted that... Read more»

Profit Power: 7 responsibilities of a GM Posted on 22 Aug 2018 in the Blog categories.

Last winter, I held a full day seminar on the topic of the CEO/COO partnership, with Frank Mariani, owner of Mariani Landscape, and his COO Fred Wacker. It also featured... Read more»

Profit Power: Giving back is good—even great—for business Posted on 17 Jul 2018 in the Blog categories.

Giving back is one of my favorite topics to speak on, and to consult on, and to do myself in my personal life. Why? Because it brings a big smile... Read more»

Profit Power: Does your team have skin in the game? Posted on 20 Jun 2018 in the Blog categories.

  Every company that’s attempting to operate with open book management has suffered some kind of financial downturn and is using transparency of their financials to help turn around their... Read more»

Build a 5-star brand Posted on 18 Jun 2018 in the 0618 categories.

Some companies rely too much on a strong business developer, pay-per-click or social media for their growth. These tactics help you grow, but long-term growth is driven by a powerful... Read more»

Profit Power: If LeBron James meditates, should you? Posted on 23 May 2018 in the Blog categories.

The rookie star quarterback for the New York Jets, Sam Darnold, claims that daily meditation—morning and evening—has helped him greatly expand his performance. As a pro who is already at... Read more»