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Market your business like it’s 2022

July 7, 2020By

Landscape Management columnist Jeff Korhan explains why green industry companies should market their business like it's 2022. read more

Marketing Mojo: Fix this marketing gap to close more sales

March 5, 2020By

Are there gaps in your marketing? We all have a few from time to time. The danger is not knowing where they are or what to do about them. Serious marketers close these gaps the way professional athletes fix their weaknesses. They commit to a plan and track their progress toward accomplishing key activities. Every business needs marketing. The problem... read more

How Google is elevating conversational search

December 23, 2019By
Person with a smartphone (Photo: Ivanko_Brnjakovic/iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Google and BERT (short for Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers) are taking out the trash. Together, they are making the old way of optimizing website pages obsolete. BERT is Google’s natural language-processing model that now powers search queries. It’s capable of understanding content based on its context from associated phrases and sentences. This essentially kills traditional keyword optimization. For years,... read more

Communication Coach Why marketing needs a bigger purpose

September 18, 2019By
Apple (Photo:

Jeff Korhan explains to landscape professionals why it's important for green industry companies' marketing strategies to involve a bigger purpose. read more

2 easy ways to make your business stand out

June 26, 2019By
Person using social media (Photo:

Up until 2009, social media was exciting because it worked. It was all about the user experience. Twitter was hot, and that made it easy to make connections and get your ideas discovered and shared. The value of history is it reminds us what’s possible. So much of the social media landscape has changed, but the foundation of search that... read more

Marketing Mojo: How to make marketing that attracts the right customers

March 22, 2019By
Magnet attracting people (Photo:

You’ve been there from the beginning. You attracted the first customers. You created a culture that made them happy. You handpicked team members who believed in that culture. Everything was clicking. Over time, new challenges popped up. You tried to keep the culture alive, but somehow it faded. If only you could get that magic back and your people surrounded... read more