Weed Man USA expands, celebrates profitable 2015

February 1, 2016 -  By

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In 2015, Weed Man USA saw a 13 percent increase in revenue from 2014, totaling more than $83 million, and expanded into 40-plus territories.

Now in more than 455 territories throughout the U.S., Weed Man USA says it expects expand into more than 45 new territories in 2016 and increase system-wide sales by 14 percent. The fast-growing franchise network’s growth is not going unnoticed. Both Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine recently named Weed Man USA as one of the nation’s top franchise investments.

“Over the past year, nearly 75 percent of our franchise growth was driven by existing franchisees,” said Jennifer Lemcke, COO of Turf Holdings, the company that owns the expansion rights for Weed Man USA. “They’re driving sales through superior customer satisfaction and retention, and are expanding their territories to better meet the high demand we’re seeing across the nation for Weed Man’s services. We expect this segment to continue driving franchise growth in 2016 but predict that we’ll see a larger number of independent business owners, with lawn care-related businesses, adding Weed Man USA onto their existing businesses.”

In the Weed Man USA franchise system, more than 50 of its franchisees are also independent operators who have added the franchise to their existing business. These businesses include lawn care, landscape, pest control and golf course management companies.

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