ASV launches Yanmar-powered RT-50 loader

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ASV’s new Yanmar-powered RT-50 features new comfort, visibility and performance features. (Photo: ASV Holdings)

ASV’s new Yanmar-powered RT-50 features new comfort, visibility and performance features. (Photo: ASV Holdings)

ASV Holdings’ new generation of its RT-50 Posi-Track loader line is now powered by Yanmar engines. The new machine features 53.8 hp, which is an 8 percent leap from the previous model.

The updated RT-50s allow owners to have the Yanmar engine serviced at ASV dealers. Designers say the line is suited for tight spaces often seen across landscaping, construction, snow clearing and other work sites.

“We often hear from customers that our RT-50 is the perfect blend of performance and mobility,” said Buck Storlie, ASV Holdings product manager. “Now, with the additional horsepower and new convenience features, that performance factor is dialed to 11.”

A Tier 4, 3-cylinder turbo-charged Yanmar engine allows for a top speed of 7.1 miles. The machines measure 9.1 feet high,  58.5 inches wide and weighs in at 1,400 lbs.

New to the machine is an optional hydraulic quick attach that allows operators to change attachments from the comfort of the cab. The loader’s compact size reportedly allows it to be towed behind a half-ton pickup truck.

ASV eliminates belt servicing needs through use of a direct drive pump. This, along with the machine’s large line sizes and hydraulic coolers, transfers more flow and pressure directly to the attachment to help prevent power loss.

According to the company, the RT-50 is tested to operate at full load 100 percent of the time in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

ASV’s Posi-Track system features a flexible track and an open-rail and internal positive drive-sprocket undercarriage, allowing for greater traction, longer wear life and faster, more convenient undercarriage cleaning.

A new 4.3-inch color display and standard hydraulic joystick controls puts full command of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. A new drive transmission allows for more precise power and fine-tuned operation.

The machine also includes visibility improvements over its predecessor. A new frameless front door includes floor-to-ceiling glass area that offers better visibility and the cab’s large side and rear windows provide additional lines of sight. This is further improved by the bright rear LED light and adjustable front pedestal lighting. An optional backup camera is available to replace the standard rearview mirror for additional convenience and visibility.

Machines come with a 2-year, 2,000-hour warranty that includes a no-derailment guarantee and covers tracks for the entire warranty period.

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