BeeSafe launches ‘Optimized Organics’ program

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BeeSafe Organic Lawn Care is offering a more budget friendly version of its organic lawn care service. The new program, called “Optimized Organics,” is the result of several years of advanced product development and a redefinition of standards when it comes to what is acceptable in an organic approach.

“Homeowners want fewer chemicals used around their homes; it’s plain and simple,” said Tom Kelly, founder of BeeSafe. “Our Optimized Organics program allows homeowners a significant reduction in the use of pesticides while offering advanced results. In other words, we’ve finally found a way to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to lawn care.”

Based on five years of product development and implementation, the Optimized Organics program redefines the inputs allowable under an alternative strategy. It includes the application of products designed to fulfill short- and long-term nutrient requirements of turf while eliminating pests that interfere with the genetic potential of the turf.

“What we’ve done is create a scenario that utilizes laboratory created inputs to essentially ‘optimize’ both the outside inputs used by the applicator and the indigenous soil resources used by the turf,” Kelly said. “We’ve reduced and almost eliminated any incidence of leaching when it comes to fertility. Soil improving microbes are what make the difference.”

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