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Big Picture: Happy Landings

September 2, 2016 -  By
Photos: Groundworks Landscaping

Location: New York oceanfront

Company: Groundworks Landscaping, East Hampton, N.Y.

The Details: The client’s site views were already stunning. The Groundworks Landscaping team didn’t want to take away from those. Rather, the focus of the project was to implement a simple foundation planting plan that tied the landscaping to the architecture of the newly renovated home. The house sits on a hill, with a distant view of commercial fishing docks and Long Island Sound. As you walk out to the backyard, the view opens up—and so does a major elevation change that rolls downhill.

The biggest challenge Groundworks encountered was laying out the retaining walls and finding enough space for vehicles, plantings and pathways. In addition, the team had to water the soil constantly to ensure it was settling and there were no air pockets.

This project earned Groundworks Landscaping a Grand Award last year from the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Awards of Excellence program.

Photos: Groundworks Landscaping

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