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Brand U: How PRO Landscape brings designs to life

January 12, 2022 -  By
Nicole Risch, co-owner of Verdure H20 says the realistic renderings of PRO Landscape software help sell projects as is seen by this before and project rendered images. (Photos: Verdure H20)

Nicole Risch, co-owner of Verdure H20 says the realistic renderings of PRO Landscape software help sell projects as is seen by this before and project rendered images. (Photos: Verdure H20)

Nicole Risch, co-owner, lead designer and business manager of Verdure H20 in Milford, Mich., has been using PRO Landscape software for nearly 17 years. Verdure H20 specializes in designing and constructing professional landscapes, hardscapes and water features for mainly residential and small commercial clients.

PRO Landscape is a design software platform developed in 1994. It provides landscape designers and landscape professionals tools to create design plans and presentations to increase sales.

The software also features photo imaging to visually represent plants, hardscapes and other landscape elements, such as night and holiday lighting, CAD for scaled precise drawings, professional proposals and 3D rendering of landscape designs. It includes a large landscape image library, including plants by climate zone; hardscapes, including pavers, walls and boulders; landscape statuary; water features; outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and more.

Like a photograph

Risch purchased the programs after seeing a presentation at a trade show. She notes that the company uses both Image and Planner features of the software during on-site and video conferences.

“Clients greatly appreciate seeing a comprehensive visual of the proposed design,” Risch says. “We first present the design using PRO Landscape Image, which offers a detailed visual that is akin to a photograph. The transformation is often dramatic and considerable, and clients really enjoy seeing their home (or business) framed with a new landscape that beautifully enhances their property.”

Risch says she appreciates that she can show alternate landscape selections and hardscape features to clients during video conferences. An Image feature she particularly likes is the ability to customize and import any image she wants, so if there is a specialty item a client prefers or requests, she can include it in the design.

“I have even shown clients how seasonal flower selections, potted arrangements, statuary or a new exterior paint color on their home will look,” Risch says. “I have fun with the program by customizing each client’s design.”

Visualizing the design

After reviewing the Image design, Verdure H2O then presents and reviews the scaled Pro Landscape Planner CAD to show the exact landscape or hardscape placement as related to the dimensions of the home or business, walkways, lot and neighboring homes and structures.

“Collectively, reviewing both the Pro Landscape Image concept and Pro Landscape Planner CAD with a client allows them a sense of clarity and comfort, as well as excitement, because both programs help familiarize them with all facets of the proposed design,” Risch says.

Risch says she had no challenges implementing the program into her company, and she notes that the program features lifetime technical assistance with great responsiveness.

Overall, she says she looks forward to program updates that will allow her to show clients more advanced 3D hardscape renderings.

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