Christy’s opens Eastern distribution center

December 27, 2013 -  By

T. Christy Enterprises, a manufacturer of solvent cements for irrigation and landscape drainage applications, has opened a new distribution center near Nashville, Tenn. The facility will offer one-day and two-day freight shipping times to most of the Eastern U.S.

“This new facility will help us respond to the two most important trends in distribution,” said Jon Christy, president. “The first is getting product to the customer faster. The second is the ability to combine multiple product categories onto a single shipment, allowing even small stores to be replenished more frequently.”

Christy’s also offers tools, job site essentials and geotextiles for landscape and irrigation professionals. The company’s principal manufacturing plant is in Nashville with distribution centers in Anaheim, Calif., Sacramento, Calif., Phoenix and now Nashville.

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