DLF Pickseed USA lays out brand strategy

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On the heels of the sale of Seed Research to DLF-TRIFOLIUM Aug. 30, Pickseed, Seed Research of Oregon and DLF International Seeds merged into a new entity DLF Pickseed USA.

“The brands and the teams supporting those brands will remain separate and distinct,” said Claus Ikjaer, CEO & president of DLF Pickseed USA. “All three brands have great brand equity in the US market and we intend to support these long-standing brands and the customers who rely upon them.”

Seed Research of Oregon and Pickseed have served customers in the US and Canada for more than 30 years. Under their new umbrella, the brands will be able to offer the extensive DLF International Seeds forage program to their customers.

Backed by an international research and product development network, DLF International Seeds offers a complete selection of cool seasonforage grasses and blends. DLF-TRIFOLIUM, the Danish parent company and the world’s largest forage and turf grass seed company, created integration teams that include Chris McDowell, Rick Myers, Bill Dunn, Roeland Kapsenberg and Claus Ikjaer to ensure customer and sales continuity.

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