Fisher unveils pre-wet system for hopper spreaders

October 27, 2016 -  By

fisher_pre-wet-systemFisher Engineering introduced its pre-wet system for its Steel-Caster stainless steel and Poly-Caster poly hopper spreaders.

The new pre-wet system works by pre-wetting material with a brine solution just before it hits the spinner. According to Fisher, the advantage of this application versus a dry application is pre-wetting salt begins a chemical reaction that accelerates melting, and pre-wet granules allow for more efficient material dispersal and greater spread control when hitting the pavement.

The pre-wet system is available with 25- and 50-gallon poly tank capacities for Steel-Caster models and 25-gallon poly tank capacities for Poly-Caster models. Each system is constructed with a corrosion-resistant pump housing that protects the pump, electronics and valves.

In addition, each pre-wet system integrates Fleet Flex technology. Built to put more control at your fingertips, this universal wiring and controls system allows for quick and easy interchanges between electric hopper spreaders, the company said.

A valve in the pump housing manually sets the flow rate and additional flow control is available from inside the cab with a separate full-featured control option that includes a flow control dial and warning lights that alert the operator if there’s a clog or the tanks are empty.

Photo: Fisher


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