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Buyers Products unveils new municipal flex plow

April 17, 2019By

Buyers Products released its new municipal flex plow. Operators can “flex” the upper moldboard of the SnowDogg SuperFlex into various positions. This makes it ideal for urban and expressway use, said the company. Two hydraulically operated pivoting ribs and a tubular pivoting upper cross member transform the UHMW polyethylene moldboard on the fly. Operators can switch between standard, left and right... read more

Harper releases new slope mower

April 17, 2019By
Harper Turf Equipment's ATM72 slope mower. (Photo: Harper Turf Equipment)

Harper Turf Equipment, a manufacturer of slope mowing technology, released the Tier 4 Final compliant ATM72LC slope mower. The new model offers improved hydraulics, ground drive performance and serviceability in comparison to its predecessor. The advanced components enhance the self-leveling comfort and driver safety features ATM72 operators have relied on since the 1980s, according to the company. “We applied our... read more

Meyer reveals new automatically adjustable plow

April 15, 2019By

Meyer unveiled its Super Blade plow, an automatically adjustable plow. It can expand from 8 feet to 10.5 feet and anywhere in between with the press of a button. The wings extend as a pair or independently. The Super Blade’s 32-inch-high moldboard allows for plowing efficiency, and at 36 inches high, the outer adjustable wings feature Meyer’s scoop and funnel... read more

Rain Bird upgrades ESP-Me controller

April 9, 2019By
ESP-Me3 controller (Photo: Rain Bird)

Rain Bird has updated its ESP-Me controller with a new look and improved functionality. “Since 2010, the ESP-Me has been one of Rain Bird’s most popular controllers,” said James Harris, Rain Bird product manager. “In 2016, we updated the ESP-Me to make it WiFi compatible. Now, in 2019, we’ve given it an even more significant upgrade to create the ESP-ME3,... read more

Husqvarna introduces new gas-powered hedge trimmers

March 29, 2019By
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Husqvarna introduced a new line of gas-powered hedge trimmers that feature higher cutting capacity, efficient air filtration and a well-balanced overall design. The higher cutting capacity is due to a special knife design and gear ration, while the efficient air filtration is because of a two-stage air filter, Husqvarna said. “We are proud to offer an entirely new line of... read more

Earth & Turf Products releases new topdresser

March 27, 2019By

Earth & Turf Products, a compact topdresser company, unveiled its Model 60SP, a maneuverable, self-propelled topdresser. Ideal for spreading dry or wet compost, sand and a variety of other materials, it features a 6.7-cubic-foot hopper for easy loading. The machine’s maximum load weight is 650 pounds. Optional loading chutes help increase capacity for lighter materials such as compost, and a... read more