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Horizon, Serpico Landscaping, Inc. slash irrigation costs

October 21, 2011 -  By

Upgrades controllers with HermitCrab accessory to save water.


HermitCrabHorizon and Serpico Landscaping, Inc. are teaming up to bring the ET Water Systems HermitCrab controller accessory to landscapes across Northern California, cutting customers’ water bills while increasing irrigation efficiency.

“Water’s always been at a premium in California, and now it’s an even bigger issue,” said Brad Barroso, chief operating officer at Serpico Landscaping, Inc. “With today’s economy and the new state mandate, there’s more focus than ever on water savings.”

That mandate is California Ordinance AB 1881, which sets irrigation efficiency standards for most new landscapes greater than 2,500 sq. ft. That’s forcing local leaders in water-saving efforts, like Serpico Landscaping, Inc., to find ways to increase water-use efficiency while reducing their clients’ irrigation costs.

Among other provisions, the new law requires large landscapes to employ irrigation controllers that use either evapotranspiration (ET) or moisture data to calculate station run times. The HermitCrab is designed to convert an existing traditional irrigation controller into a “smart” one, using a plug-and-play installation.

Introduced in 2011, the HermitCrab delivers the benefits of a complete controller upgrade for about a third of the cost, according to the company. It’s compatible with most major irrigation brands and installs in about 10 minutes. Based on current ET and rainfall data, the HermitCrab signals the host controller to open and close sprinkler valves as needed for optimal efficiency.

“The technology of the HermitCrab allows for a seamless integration into any existing irrigation system, resulting in instant increased watering efficiency and reduced water bills,” said Rick Zinn, Pacific Division business development specialist, Water Management and Construction, for Horizon. “When installed, the HermitCrab takes over the shell – like its name says.”

The HermitCrab also allows customers to make irrigation scheduling changes from their smartphones, and lets users manage multiple controllers at different sites.

“We’ve always assessed each customer’s unique situation and made recommendations based on cost and functionality,” Barroso said. “The technology behind the HermitCrab allows us to customize an ideal irrigation schedule for any situation.”

Serpico Landscaping, Inc. and Horizon have worked together for many years, and they’re clearly making a significant difference in irrigation efficiency around the Bay Area.


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