How attachments help pros do more with UTVs

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UTVs can run in all seasons, offering professionals the ability to consolidate many machines into one. (Photo: Kubota)

UTVs can run in all seasons, offering professionals the ability to consolidate many machines into one. (Photo: Kubota)

Utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) offer professionals a number of different ways to get their jobs done. “Utility vehicles are the ideal machines for moving people, tools and much more,” says Derek Holt, senior product specialist at Bobcat. “Professionals can rely on their UTVs for a variety of tasks, like putting down mulch, transferring rock or towing material in a trailer.”

Holt and Andrew Pittard, product marketing specialist with Kubota, share with LM what new and improved attachments their companies offer for professionals who utilize UTVs.

Go anywhere, do anything

Much of the allure of a UTV comes from its ability to go where other vehicles can’t and, of course, the option to consolidate several machines into one. Holt says Bobcat’s UV34 models offer versatility pros need to get jobs done.

“Professionals can make use of the cargo box for hauling shrubbery, dirt and other vegetation,” says Holt. “Given its easy maneuverability, it is also good for hauling water tanks or sprayers around a property; with its turf mode feature, operators can move around the property without damaging the lawn.”

Pittard says Kubota’s four-point hitch system allows for quick connection and switching between attachments while on the job.

“A lot of these (attachments) can go on multiple different models,” Pittard says. “We have a four-point hitch system, and that goes along with our K-Connect, which is hydraulically driven. That allows you to move attachments up and down. All of it is a part of this one system.”

Comfortability accessories

While some attachments aim to make jobs easier or more efficient, others offer creature comforts.

“Adding accessories to a UTV gives you the ability to make work more enjoyable, comfortable and efficient,” says Holt. “A roof can help keep you out of the sun, while mirrors can offer enhanced visibility and adding a radio can make the workday more entertaining.”

Holt says Bobcat also offers LED lighting options to keep the job site fully lit as the day winds down.
UTVs also can make great people movers on larger properties. Options like Bobcat’s UV34XL allow pros to carry up to six people. Users can remove passenger seating in UV34 models, allowing more space to store equipment.

Pittard says all UTVs — or as Kubota refers to them, rough terrain vehicles (RTVs) — should leave a dealership with the basic amenities.

“I firmly believe that every unit that leaves a dealership should be accessorized with roofs, windshields, winches and lights,” says Pittard. “All of those are accessories a dealer should implement on every single RTV, regardless of the use of it.”

For all seasons

Another advantage to UTVs is the ability for the machines to run in multiple seasons. Both Bobcat and Kubota offer accessories that make that transition easier on professionals.

“There are accessories that help transition the UTV from season to season, such as roofs, doors and windshields,” Holt says. “Operators can also select the cab and heat model, which allows them to operate more effectively and comfortably in cold weather conditions.”

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