Hunter Industries adds 3 products to micro-irrigation line

February 20, 2019 -  By
Automatic flush valve (Photo: Hunter Industries)

Automatic flush valve (Photo: Hunter Industries)

Hunter Industries introduced three new accessories to its micro-irrigation product line to help extend the lifespan of drip systems: the multipurpose box (MB), automatic flush valve (AFV) and air/vacuum relief valve (AVR).

“Here at Hunter, we continually strive to bring our customers innovative tools to help them maximize the longevity of their irrigation systems,” said Robb Kowalewski, micro-irrigation product manager. “We’re happy to add these products to our lineup.”

The MB is a small, rectangular valve box that provides ample space for essential micro-irrigation system components. The reinforced walls provide stability, while the dark brown base blends in with the soil. There are five lid choices in neutral earth tones, plus reclaimed purple to support diverse landscaping needs.

The AFV provides a hands-free maintenance option for drip systems by protecting the system from clogging through regular flushing, which prevents debris accumulation, according to Hunter Industries. In addition, the AFV has a flat layout that allows it to close properly after reaching the required pressure.

The AVR offers a commercial noncorrosive solution for releasing adequate air flow at the high points of a micro-irrigation system during startup and shutdown. This helps stop water hammer and resulting system damage. It also helps prevent system collapse through vacuum relief.

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