Ep. 2: Have a business breakthrough, not a nervous breakdown

November 28, 2012 -  By

If your business growth has slowed dramatically or stalled, the new economy may not be to blame! There’s a very good chance that you’re just stuck at one of the natural plateaus that plagues most landscape contractors.

How you decide to manage your business right now can make the difference between propelling your business to the next level or remaining in neutral with a frustrating, slow growing, inefficient business.

Bill Silverman of Springboard Business Coaching discusses the reasons why small businesses stop growing and what you can easily do to not be one of them.

Silverman is a business coach who coaches contractors to help them propel their businesses to the next level of consistent growth and profit while dramatically improving their quality of life. He specializes in helping business owners tackle difficult growth challenges and is known for his ability to pinpoint and solve the real problems that hold businesses back and for helping owners achieve more than they ever thought possible in both their businesses and their lives.

A frequent speaker for national and state trade associations, Silverman is an engaging presenter with a knack for delivering useful information in a simple, step-by-step fashion that makes it easy to use.

He draws heavily on his 25 years of success in reinvigorating businesses at Marriott, CIGNA, and other companies, in senior marketing, business development and HR positions and on his business and life-coaching experience to deliver “out of the industry box” information that truly helps owners establish their businesses and lives successfully at the next level.

He can be reached at bill@springboardbizcoaching.com. For more information visit www.springboardbizcoaching.com.

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