NALP’s Henriksen discusses new resources, importance of unified industry voice

June 1, 2016 -  By

The National Associate of Landscape Professionals (NALP) released a new suite of resources called Root of Happiness to help promote the benefits of healthy landscapes.

Developed by NALP’s Public Affairs Advisory Council, these tools are designed help landscape professionals combat inaccurate claims and misconceptions about the green industry with clear, articulate messages about the benefits of healthy lawns and landscapes.

These resources are free and available to everyone, not just NALP members, to download and share. NALP is asking all landscape professionals to use these tools when talking with clients, local community members and legislators.

“We really hope that the suite will enable the industry to share the same message, share the same statistics and speak with one voice,” said Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for NALP.

She said NALP distilled the best messages, facts and figures to make the case for the benefits of professionally managed landscapes with the help of industry experts, advisers and research partners such as Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment.

Roots of Happiness includes the following materials:

Guide to Myths and Misperceptions about Landscapes: This resource separates facts from the fiction regarding topics such as why weeds are harmful, the importance of managed landscape and facts about pesticides.

Benefits of Healthy Landscapes: This one-page fact sheet states the health and environmental importance of managed landscapes.

Benefits of Healthy Lawns and Landscapes Infographic: This graphic boils down the best messages into an easy-to-understand piece.

Benefits of Healthy Landscapes video: This video addresses the role healthy landscapes play in society.

Industry members can expect this initiative to grow as the industry evolves and changes.

“We recognize the industry is very broad and there is no finite list of what our members may need,” said Henriksen. “So we want to be responsive and proactive in creating these resources that will be useful tools.”

In late summer, NALP will release materials showcasing the professionalism that exists in the industry and the work industry members are doing in their communities every day.

Additionally, NALP is developing materials on pollinators. These resources will focus on facts about pollinators, how professionals can help people understand the importance of pollinators and how the industry is being proactive in helping protect pollinators, Henriksen told LM.

“We believe that anything that has to do with how the industry is positioned, how people are speaking about the industry is vital to the industry’s reputation,” Henriksen said. “So we want to make these resources available to anyone who may need them.”

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