New autonomous mowing software update from Greenzie offer users enhanced features

March 8, 2023 -  By

Autonomous software manufacturer Greenzie launched its 2.0 software to boost its customer’s autonomous mowing capabilities. 

The latest software update was automatically installed for all subscribers recently and includes:

  •  Job saving and reloading, which allows users to map an area once and mow all season with the press of a button.
  • Job continuation, where users can pick up where they left off.
  • Advanced perception updates allow a machine-learning model with traffic cone detection in addition existing obstacle detection sensor stack.
  • Improved turns using a robotic guidance system that accounts for wet grass, and dusty conditions and won’t rut the lawn.
  • Enhanced safety features include GPS jump detection, compensation and advanced sensor health checks.
  • Improved dynamic local planner for more efficient Y-turns and vehicle behaviors when the mower encounters unexpected obstacles.

“All mowers across the nation get these updates and every day our technology gets better and better,” said Charles Brian Quinn, Greenzie CEO and co-founder. “I’m especially proud of the job reloading, it’s a feature that everyone asks for, and our team developed based on exactly what our best customers told us to build, in the field with them together, not off in a lab.”

Greenzie said future updates users can expect later in the 2023 season include dynamic handling of slopes in real-time, enhanced job reloading features, multi-mower coordination, record and repeat and live-mowing progress.

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