New non-glyphosate herbicide from Rainbow Ecoscience offers residual control

March 21, 2023 -  By

Rainbow Ecoscience launched Onmark, a non-glyphosate herbicide. According to the company, Onmark delivers fast and long residual control on a broad range of weeds, turf and sedges.

Onmark combines the power of three different active ingredients: glufosinate for broad-spectrum control, ammonium nonanoate and imazethapyr for long-lasting weed control.

“After a controlled test, the results were really promising with this non-glyphosate product. I was impressed by the speed of (Onmark’s) burn down that occurred when I tested it. 90 days later, I would probably venture to call it 98 to 99 percent weed control,” said Joe Ketterer, director of quality and efficiency, with Ruppert Landscape.

According to the company, it is ideal for driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, weeds around HVACS, paved areas, playgrounds, mulch areas, rights-of-way, cart paths, industrial areas, fence rows and more.

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