New Stuff: April 2017


1. Steiner 450 Tractor
Company: Steiner

A stacked gear pump design increases durability, hydraulic performance and efficiency on the new Steiner 450, the company says. The tractor features an integrated, fully adjustable hydraulic weight transfer system, Peerless 2600 dual range transaxles and a large operator platform. With ground speeds up to 6 mph in low gear and 9.5 mph in high gear, this machine has three available engine options: a Kubota 25-hp, liquid-cooled diesel; a Kubota 32-hp, liquid-cooled gasoline; or a 37-hp Vanguard EFI air-cooled gasoline engine.

2. KX033-4 Compact Excavator
Company: Kubota

The newest member of Kubota’s KX series, the KX033-4 compact excavator, which replaces the KX91-3, features a larger cab, dash-controlled presets for auxiliary circuits, a digital control panel and a standard hydraulic diverter valve. It’s powered by a 24.8-hp Kubota direct injection EPA Tier 4 Final-
certified engine and designed with a large entrance, increased legroom and enhanced ergonomics to reduce operator fatigue.

3. Tremron Park Plaza 12-by-24-inch Slab Pavers
Company: The Quikrete Cos.

An extension to the Tremron Park Plaza line, these 12-by-24-inch slab pavers combine sleek lines and a smooth finish to deliver a modern look ideal for a variety of outdoor paver projects, Quikrete says. They’re available in 13 colors and nine patterns. The 2/38-inch thick paver is appropriate for patios, pool decks, pathways and other pedestrian foot traffic, while the 4-inch paver can accommodate light vehicular traffic, the company says.

4. SKS 753 Skid-Steer tires
Company: Camso

The Camso SKS 532 is designed to provide traction on soft soil, which helps the skid-steer dig deeper into the pile, the company says. The bias-ply tire gives extra-deep directional tread and curved lugs. Its stepped tread pattern provides mud clean out and comes with a Void Guard to reinforce and protect the carcass, preventing punctures and minimizing flats, the company says.


5. Landscape Mini Accent
Company: WAC Landscape Lighting

The LED Landscape Mini Accent is available in a 2700K or 3000K color temperature and either bronze on aluminum or bronze on brass finishes. The factory-sealed watertight luminaire is crafted of solid diecast brass or corrosion-resistant aluminum. Operating on a 9- to 15-v system, the Mini Accent can be used as an up or down light. It includes continuous adjustable beam angles indexed at 10, 25, 40 and 50 degrees. It delivers up to 365 lumens with a long 70,000-hour life.

6. MT 3500 S chainsaw
Company: Efco

The MT 3500 S now features a sprocket-driven oil pump that has zero oil flow when the engine is idle, allowing for lower oil consumption and a reduced environmental impact, the company says. The MT 3500 S, designed for trimming and light pruning on small- to medium-sized properties, offers a 38.9-cc engine that delivers 2 hp. Also included is a six point antivibration system for increased operator comfort, a lateral chain tensioner for easy chain adjustments, an in-board clutch for simplified maintenance and a located air purge for cold starts.

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