Plant growth regulators: Which do you use and why?

October 22, 2014 -  By

Eric Stewart
Owner of Eric Stewart Enterprises in Bexley, Ohio

“I’ve used Embark to slow growth around tombstones at a 42-acre cemetery. It would allow us to skip trimming for about three or four weeks in peak growing season. I also recommend adding a pre- and postemergent weed control, as the weeds will continue to thrive.”

Steve Crowe
Founder/owner of Sunshine Landscaping Co. in Cherry Valley, Mass.

“I’ve used Primo and its generic version as an insurance policy to keep the lawns from growing so much in the spring. We do it for full-service customers where we mow and fertilize. We’re using liquids, so we just add it to the tanks with fertilizer, weed control and crabgrass control. I’m not incurring any extra labor costs—it’s just the material costs of adding it to the tank.”

Giuseppe Baldi
General Manager of Baldi Gardens in Arlington, Texas

“We use Cutless PGR to cut down on the amount of pruning we have to do on shrubs and groundcover. This helps us in several ways: cuts down on equipment usage, which cuts down on gas usage and emissions; it’s more environmentally responsible; and it keeps shrubs looking pruned longer, which customers love.”

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