Stihl introduces BR 700 X backpack blower

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Photo: Stihl

Stihl released the BR 700 X backpack blower, a fuel-efficient blower designed for heavy debris cleanup and large property maintenance, the company said.

The backpack blower includes two lightweight fixed-length tubes, a flexible pleated connecting hose, a semi-automatic choke, a one-touch stop switch and an adjustable control handle.

“Users can swivel the tube quickly, leading to a fast walking speed, helping cover large surface areas in less time,” said Thomas Techow, product manager for Stihl. “The BR 700 X is packed with professional features making it an excellent choice on any job site.”

Additional features include an adjustable support harness, rubberized handle grips, an antivibration system, extra-wide straps and a backpack pad.

The blower starts at an MSRP of $549.95.

Photo: Stihl


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