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Why optimizing customer relationships can benefit your sales team

September 19, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan shares how asking clients tough questions can foster a long-term relationship and build trust. read more

Communication Coach: How to set the stage with sales to own the show

August 22, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan shares how sales professionals need to do more to engage clients in this age of quick services and turnovers. read more

Communication Coach: How selling pros manage buying decisions

July 24, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan shares some different strategies you can use to better manage situations you may encounter while selling and close more deals. read more

Communication Coach: Close more sales by going to your power place

June 27, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan shares why controlling the selling environment is one of the key factors to help you close more sales. read more

Why you should encourage and reward mistakes to grow your business

June 1, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan explains why encouraging your team to take risks and fail can lead to the greatest innovations in your operation. read more

Communication Coach: One idea you need for writing better emails and texts

May 2, 2023By
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Jeff Korhan shares how easy it is to write emails when you frame the message around the idea you want to get acrossed. read more