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Communication Coach: Get reacquainted with customers to drive 2021 growth

January 5, 2021By
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LM columnist Jeff Korhan explains how landscape companies can get reacquainted with their customers to help drive growth in 2021. read more

Communication Coach: How Zappos got the customer experience right

December 2, 2020By

Zappos reimagined the customer experience by building a culture of people who are passionately committed to delivering wow through service. The recent and unexpected passing of Tony Hsieh, the former CEO and first investor in Zappos, reminded me of the early days of social media and how it influenced that transformation. When I joined Twitter in 2008 there were fewer... read more

Communication Coach: Target buying intent

November 4, 2020By

As the landscaping season winds to a close in many regions, contractors are looking to pack the schedule to maximize profits for the year. Time marches from autumn to winter with amazing predictability, but there are always opportunities for filling gaps with the right work. Current customers that know, like and trust you should always be your top priority. They... read more

Communication Coach: The best sales training book

October 7, 2020By
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A few weeks ago, I noticed a Facebook request for a recommended sales book to help an entry-level landscape designer find her way with clients. My first thought was that nobody learns to sell from a book. This brought back memories from my struggles as a technical sales representative just after college. I was primarily hired for my chemistry background,... read more

Communication Coach: One of the most overlooked marketing opportunities

September 9, 2020By
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Most business owners are familiar with the basics of their Google My Business (GMB) profile, but they are overlooking one of its dark secrets. A GMB profile is a mini-website Google gives us to cultivate relationships with prospective clients. Most of us are already doing that with our websites and social media channels. However, Google controls two-thirds of all organic... read more

Communication Coach: Take the meaningful marketing risk

August 11, 2020By

According to a recent Ad Age magazine article, people are now more interested in gardening, exercise and home entertainment because these activities give our lives purpose and meaning. The study revealed most of the hottest brands benefited from technology. Zoom and Microsoft prospered because home-based technology replaced what remained idle back at the office. Other big winners were Clorox, home... read more