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Let the light shine

July 17, 2015By
Photo: Green Oasis

From holiday light displays to fashion show fundraisers, Green Oasis is brightening lives however it can. For military families, the holidays can be particularly stressful. After all, decorating often isn’t a top priority when a loved one is deployed. The staff members at Green Oasis by Greener Grass Systems, based in Eau Claire, Wis., know this. They have been brightening... read more

Committed to the core

July 17, 2015By
Photo: Colin Conces

Establishing a purpose and values—and living by them—drives growth 
at Sun Valley Landscaping. Paul Fraynd and Hugh Morton have a challenge on their hands. They want to hire a best-in-class staff so they can grow their company. At the same time, they need to expand their operation to attract great people. “Applicants say, ‘I want a company that treats me... read more

A giving state of mind

July 15, 2015By
Photo: Jacobsen Landscape Design & Construction

In one New Jersey community, a big company 
is making a big difference. It’s been nearly 14 years since 9/11. For many people, life has gone on. But in some places, like Midland Park, N.J., just 20 miles outside New York City, the loss still feels fresh. When Glenn Jacobsen, LIC, owner of Midland Park-based Jacobsen Landscape Design & 
Construction,... read more

Hometown heart

July 13, 2015By

For Tulsa-based LawnAmerica, no local need is too big or small to fill. LawnAmerica’s impact is rooted in much more than the lawns of Tulsa, Okla. The company’s altruism seeps into every crevice of the community, sustaining Tulsa’s disadvantaged in countless ways. Recipients of LawnAmerica’s generosity can be found in Habitat for Humanity homes. In shelters for the abused and... read more

Domino effect

July 11, 2015By
Photo: Zaretsky & Associates

With Project Scion, Zaretsky & Associates shows how transformative gardens and landscapes can be. Vacant lots dot the landscape in Rochester, N.Y.’s slums like one lost opportunity after another. But a closer look reveals progress. Progress, it turns out, has a name. It’s Project Scion. Project Scion is the brainchild of Bruce Zaretsky and Sharon Coates of the Macedon, N.Y.,... read more

July 2015: Editorial advisory board

July 7, 2015By

What are the best ways for landscape/lawn care companies to give back to their communities? Landscape Professionals Richard Bare Arbor-Nomics Turf, Norcross, Ga. “Any landscape project for city/state parks, botanical gardens, battered women’s shelters, poor areas for the underprivileged homeowners—things like that. Be sure your name goes on the promotion.” Chris Joyce Joyce Landscaping, Cape Cod, Mass. “Giving back to your... read more