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SafetyWatch: Operating a mini excavator

July 15, 2019By
Mini excavator operator (Photo: Greenius)

Things to know and rules to follow when operating a mini excavator. Know the machine’s limitations and operating characteristics. Never overload it. Always wear the seat belt, if equipped. If the mini excavator is equipped with a foldable rollover protective structure (ROPS), do not fasten the seat belt when the ROPS is in the down position. Keep in mind that... read more

SafetyWatch: Pressure washer safety

March 22, 2019By

Keep the following items in mind before using a pressure washer. Pressure washers are driven by gas engines, which produce potentially toxic and dangerous fumes. Never start or operate the pressure washer in an unventilated or confined space. Additionally, the operator should always wear eye protection when using a pressure washer. Inspect the hoses and nozzles before beginning. Also check... read more

SafetyWatch: Blower safety

January 16, 2019By

Blowers are useful for cleaning debris off of sidewalks and driveways after finishing landscape work. It’s important to know how to properly operate a blower before using it. Before starting the blower, do the following: Check the blower’s condition: Is there any damage that may affect its performance or safe operation? Test the throttle trigger to make sure it’s in... read more

SafetyWatch: Plan for plowing

December 12, 2018By

When performing snow removal services, it’s important to plan ahead for your crew’s safety and your clients’ safety. The first step is to take a look at a site plan, either on the computer or on paper. It’s especially helpful to see a plan where pavement markings and obstructions haven’t been covered over by snow. Google Earth can be a... read more

SafetyWatch: Safely transport trees

November 8, 2018By

Large shrubs and trees present a challenge. A large tree with a root ball is heavy. Moving it is not a one-person job or even a two-person job. Often, you can roll a large tree by the root ball to get it into a planting position, depending on the weight of the root ball. Be careful to protect the branches... read more

SafetyWatch: Transporting dangerous goods

May 22, 2018By

 Anyone who works with dangerous goods or hazardous materials should have transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) training, including employees in shipping, drivers, people who pack and unpack containers and managers who supervise them. There are right and wrong ways to work with dangerous goods. In fact, there may be laws and regulations that cover TDG, depending on where you... read more