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Doing the right things will set you free

November 5, 2018By
Pros and cons list (Photo: iStock.com/masterSergeant)

At Envisor, we have the privilege to work with landscape companies across the country. We are typically engaged as consultants to help our clients increase sales, increase profits, improve quality of life or a combination of all three. Our process is to help business owners identify their picture of success in business and in life and compare it to where... read more

Leadership Advantage: Service recovery

February 22, 2018By

Service recovery is when a service failure has occurred and the problem has been corrected to the customer’s satisfaction. Great companies understand that effective service recovery satisfies an upset client and creates a greater sense of loyalty. Our search for best practices in service recovery led us to Disney’s training arm, The Disney Institute, which has implemented a standardized approach.... read more

Leadership Advantage: Servant leadership

October 17, 2017By

Culture can be defined as how a team or organization thinks, feels and acts or how an organization behaves. In his book Built To Last, author Jim Collins explores the importance of culture in top-performing firms. While most owners understand the value of a healthy culture intellectually, it can be difficult to achieve. Companies invest much time and effort in... read more

Web Extra: Municipal vs. Commercial RFPs

May 12, 2017By

In some form or another, both municipalities and commercial entities, often property management groups, use RFPs to bid work. Municipal RFPs are often called “formal,” due to their rigidity and cookie-cutter aspects, while “informal” Commercial RFPs are more flexible and open-ended. “Formal RFPs are fairly regimented,” says Ken Thomas, co-founder of Envisor Consulting. “Informal RFPs are more in the property... read more

Leadership Advantage: The power of vision

February 10, 2017By

My partner Ben Gandy and I are fortunate to work with some of the brightest, hard-working business owners and leaders in the country, but we’ve learned through experience that intellect and work ethic alone will not guarantee success. The greatest asset in achieving success, individually or in business, is the ability to envision or imagine your future success and be... read more

Editor’s Note: Word of wisdom

January 31, 2017By

This month we welcome Envisor Consulting’s Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy as our new columnists. They are industry veterans, consultants and have been valuable periodic contributors to LM. Now, they will write “Leadership Advantage” for us bimonthly. They’re off to a great start with Ken’s insights on the power of vision on page 10. The day I edited his column,... read more