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TAG: Leadership Advantage

Leadership Advantage: How to have successful meetings

May 5, 2021By
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Landscape Management columnist Ben Gandy describes what needs to be in place for landscape companies to host productive and efficient meetings. read more

Leadership Advantage: Measuring what matters

February 16, 2021By
KPI gears (Photo: NicoElNino / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus)

Ken Thomas explains the difference between leading and lagging key performance indicators and shows how companies can use them to manage performance. read more

Leadership Advantage: Leading forward

November 10, 2020By
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Landscape Management columnist Ken Thomas describes how the leaders of landscape companies can effectively guide their teams into 2021. read more

6 components of change management

November 15, 2019By

As landscape industry consultants, my team and I are typically engaged for a few reasons. Either clients are having trouble breaking through some growth barrier, not making enough money or just not having any fun. Sometimes all three. At Envisor, we’re always looking for the root cause to these challenges. As we identify the root cause of the problems, we... read more

Tips to improve your financial literacy

August 15, 2019By
Highlighters and spreadsheet (Photo: Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy)

Ben Gandy reveals why lack of financial literacy is one of the leading causes of business failure and how to overcome it. read more

Leveraging contribution margin

May 14, 2019By

Most landscape business owners understand the value of gross margin as a key performance indicator. Gross margin is the total dollars remaining after you have covered your direct cost of goods. Gross margin can be measured in dollars or as a percent of revenue. In our industry, healthy gross margins fall within the range of 45-55 percent of revenue for... read more